When you want to add a novel illumination facet to your design, add ViberLight in your application! You can use our ambient lighting system to accentuate, highlight or create an atmosphere extraordinary with current lighting technologies. The fact that the ‘light’ production is passive means you can apply it in conditions and situation you haven’t thought about; in the floor, ceiling, wall, glass, water, inside, outside, etc,. Glue it in or even cement it in, you will never need to replace, fix or change it. Bend it, stretch it, for long distances or bend and twist it, whatever your creative mind or situation requires, we can support it – as long as you adhere to our equipment specs. You can drive multiple lasers, using DMX or other lighting protocols, and connect them to the fiber at a distance. This means you can centrally locate the active parts, for inclusion in your overall system and for maintenance whilst the ‘output’ is wherever you want it to be seen.

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